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For more information on psychologists or topics of interest, consider the following links:
Psychologists' Association of Alberta - - supporting the field of psychology in Alberta
The American Psychological Association - this site has great resources for many issues and concerns
Learning Disabilities information, including ADHD
Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta - Edmonton Chapter - has excellent resources and supports for adults with learning disabilities and for parents of children with learning disabilities.
Interested in learning more about ADHD? Try this link:

Support for ADHD in Edmonton, Alberta:
A link for college students with disabilities to connect and find support:

Research participants needed:
Do you have a diagnosed/undiagnosed reading disability? Are you interested in participating in a brain research study?

We at the University of Alberta are currently recruiting interested participants of 18+ years of age for a study examining reading and spelling in adults. Participants must have English as a native or dominant language, have normal or corrected normal vision and no history of hearing disorders.

The study would take approximately 2 hours to complete and includes both behavioural and brain imaging components. Upon completion of the study, you would be given an honorarium of $30 (cash).

If you would be interested in participating or have any other questions, please feel free to email:


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