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Concerns about ADHD? Learning Disability? Emotional or Behavioural Problems? Even Giftedness?
A psychological assessment can be a useful tool that gives you more information about your learning style and provides you with strategies to build on your strengths and compensate for your difficulties. Accommodations can be made in the classroom and for tests and school work when assessment results support a need for assistance. This testing is not necessary for everyone, however, if teachers, doctors, or parents have noted concerns about school or work performance, assessments can be a source of finding more help.
Psychologist Edmonton - Rates
Rates for services are based on the recommended fee schedule from the Psychologists' Association of Alberta. This is currently $200 per hour for private referrals. Schools and other agencies may negotiate a separate fee. 
Psychologist Edmonton - Types of Assessments
Cognitive Assessments
We examine one's learning style to discover strengths and weaknesses in working with language & visual tasks. ABC Psychological Services also provides the Autism services Edmonton area residents turn to in the event that you are concerned about Autism as the factor in cognitive disability.
Academic Assessments
We determine one's level of functioning in the areas of Math, Reading, and Writing. These are often combined with a Cognitive assessment to better determine if a learning disability exists. Reading Disorders or Dyslexia, Math Disorders or Dyscalculia, and Disorders of Written Expression or Dysgraphia are better recognized in schools and accommodations or supports are available. Often times an assessment is required to accesss these accommodations for exams, assignments, and daily classroom activities.
Emotional and Behavioral Assessments
We examine one's current level of both emotional and behavioral functioning for possible diagnoses or to inform parents and professionals about appropriate intervention strategies. Also an ADHD Edmonton Psychologist, Colleen Stratton can help identify ADHD and provide an intervention strategy.
Often times, an assessment will incorporate two or three of these areas to gain a better understanding of the client and to inform them about treatment and recommended strategies.
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