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Are You Raising a Gifted Child?

Each baby born is a unique canvas with a beautiful life to paint ahead. Each present their own strengths and weaknesses. Some need a bit of assistance to meet milestones and thrive, while others overachieve in the most surprising areas. If your child is unusually alert, even as an infant, and has an excellent memory, then he or she may be what is known as a “gifted child.” 

These two traits alone do not define gifted children, but these rapid learners exhibit skills that have adults both astonished and thrilled on a daily basis. Though being highly intelligent certainly has its perks, the world of a gifted child is often seen as too small, leading to frustration when the mind is not nurtured. If you believe that your child is gifted, you may benefit from visiting your local psychologist in Edmonton. 

Signs You May Be Raising a Gifted Child

Since every child is different, no two children are going to behave the same or present the same strengths and weaknesses. Children who are gifted might display a mere handful or all of the characteristics that psychologists have outlined. Most gifted children are rapid learners. They absorb information easily and display an unusually large vocabulary for their small age and are often writing in preschool. 

They find problem solving enjoyable, especially when they involve numbers or puzzles. Gifted children are very insightful and love to engage in conversation that involves modern social issues or politics. They are extremely curious about the world that they are living in. You might notice that your gifted child is a daydreamer and has a very vivid imagination. He or she may even have a few imaginary friends. This is a normal characteristic displayed by gifted children. Of course, this is not a complete list of traits; a psychologist in Edmonton can provide a more thorough assessment.

The World is Too Small, and Failure is Not an Option

Most children who are gifted are also highly emotional. This streams from a developing mind that is frustrated with the size of their world and the inability to figure it all out just yet. They are also very prone to anger or becoming overwhelmed when they do not succeed at a task. 

Gifted children are highly energetic. They need but a little sleep to function well and are commonly known as “chatterboxes.” Your gifted child probably asked 500 questions a day — this is nurturing the mind. Children who are gifted need consistency and emotional support to learn to cope with the parts of their mind that may work against them. 

Being gifted is a dynamic that is represented by all ethnicities, cultures and income levels. Your child’s gifted abilities can be nurtured into talent if the fact that he or she is gifted is caught early. If you believe that your child is gifted, visit our services page or contact a psychologist in Edmonton at ABC Psychological Services today.       

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