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Pattern Monitoring

No parent wants their child to have a disability of any kind, but it is important for them to realize that it is a possibility, and in the case that it seems likely, to seek help or guidance from a professional. In any given situation that a child has developed a bad habit or displayed negative behavioral of thought patterns, it is crucial to recognize them and realize that the child may have a disability or condition. No child wants to feel disabled or lesser to everyone else, so it is important to ensure that the child knows that if they have a condition that it is not their fault but is also not the end of the world with the vast array treatments and medicine available today.


Children with ADHD will display extreme hyperactivity with a difficulty in concentrating on tasks at hand. Their thought patterns can be wild and disorderly as compared to those of people without. This can be highly strenuous on parents and teachers and even classmates because there is so little to be done to actually correct the behavioral issues by standard practices and procedures. All children can be wild or disorderly quite often, but children with ADHD act in these ways significantly more consistently. They have less control over these behaviors and tend to suffer socially, academically, and even behaviorally when consistently acting out. It is necessary for parents who notice these patterns to monitor their children’s behavior and recognize that their child is not necessarily odd and definitely is not unintelligent, but has a mental and emotional thought process that is vastly removed from what is standard. Children with ADHD can live completely normal lives with therapy, medication, and early recognition of their disorder.


Children with Autism have a profound inability to communicate in the way that most people communicate, and have all manner of problems ranging from extreme overpowering sensory experience, to processing issues, to severe social inability. The early signs that a child may have Autism are well covered in How Do I Know if My Child Has Autism, and it is very important to use this information to help learn how best to raise your child and aid them in functioning as best they can. With early recognition and monitoring of these signs, a child with Autism can more easily be taught and instructed, and their needs can be more easily met.

Learning Disorders

Learning disorders represent themselves as issues with certain tasks related to academics and generally education, especially in childhood. Children who are often highly intelligent can simply have a problem with one particular facet of education, whether it be in reading, math comprehension, writing, or others and can feel unintelligent or different from others who have no issue. Learning disorders are not always as severe as conditions like ADHD and Autism, but can be very difficult to handle, and discouraging for a child suffering from it. Early recognition and treatment of these disorders can greatly increase the chance of a normal life and an easier educational journey.

All these different forms of disabilities or disorders, while troublesome and often inconvenient, can be handled and overcome to a degree if caught early enough in life. If the patterns present with each are recognized and monitored, then dealing with the problems that come with them can be much easier and less daunting. Education on these disabilities and disorders is key, and early diagnosis can greatly improve the quality of life. If you are in the Edmonton area, our services can provide you with the help you need. Come see us for psychological assessments that can help you help your children.

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