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Back to School...

Welcome to my Blog!


Well, it's back to school next week for most children in Alberta. Time to get back into routines, activities, seeing friends, and everything that goes with it. For those children somewhat anxious to return to school, that are worried about their teacher or which friends will be in their class, consider the following de-stressers:

Have your child write a letter or draw a picture to introduce themselves to their teacher. Include things that they want their teacher to know about them.


Develop a daily routine that encourages good sleeping and eating habits.

Make time for exercise.


Allow your child time to share their fears or concerns and help them problem-solve or come up with coping strategies.


Encourage your child to focus on the positive by asking them what went well that day or what they like about themselves.


If you have any more ideas, questions, or strategies that worked for you, please add to the list. And welcome back!

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