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Impact of ADHD on Family Members

It can be overwhelming to raise a child with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The disorder not only affects the child, but family members as well. Side effects of living with a child with ADHD can become problematic if not dealt with immediately. Here are some key points to be mindful of, so you can ensure negative feelings don’t fester and worsen.

Impact on parents:

Physical and mental exhaustion  

Frequent frustration and mood swings/emotional outbursts

Anxiety and stress causing impatience and irritability

Angry feelings about the ADHD child, but later feel guilty when noting the disorder

Begrudging the child for being the focus of their attention and neglecting other aspects of life

Gradually losing connections with friends and family

Harboring resentment toward the child

Fighting with spouse over disagreements on how to deal with their child

Impact on siblings:

Siblings' needs often get overlooked as they receive less attention than the child with the disorder

Receiving harsher reprimands when they make mistakes and less celebration for their successes

Being taken for granted

Coercion by parents to take on parental responsibilities for their sibling with ADHD and getting blamed if the latter misbehaves under their supervision

Developing jealousy and/or resentment toward the sibling with ADHD

Acting out and doing poorly in school

Raising a child with ADHD requires teamwork and contribution from each member of the family. A combination of compassion and consistency are necessary in order for the family to meet the demands and challenges of living with a child with ADHD. 

I hope these caution signs help you to lessen any potential detrimental effects on your family. I understand the challenges your family is faced with, and I can help formulate an intervention plan for your child.  Please give us a call, or for more information, visit my services page

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