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Is an assessment necessary now?


September is coming to end and the leaves are quickly changing colors. School has been in for nearly a month already for most of us and our children should be settling into their daily routines. However, sometimes children can become frustrated with their daily routine because they’re experiencing some trouble with their studies.

·         Frustration with reading, writing, or math

·         Taking longer to complete assignments

·         Avoiding schoolwork

·         Functionally having difficulties with reading individual words or getting ideas on to paper

·         Troublewith organization

·         Attention problems, lack of persistence, distractibility

These are just a few behaviors, but certainly not an exhaustive list. An assessment with a psychologist may help to identify learning difficulties or learning disabilities and provide helpful strategies to overcome these challenges.

Please give me a call if you have questions or concerns. I would be glad to talk them out and better determine if an assessment is necessary or if it could help your child.

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