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When to Call a Child Psychologist

Children can be a mystery wrapped up in an enigma. Trying to figure out why they are behaving the way they do is a challenge, even for experienced parents.


When children have problems outside of normal childhood acting out, a therapist can be of great help. The real trick is the ability to spot when your child’s behavior is a normal expression of growing up, and when they could benefit from outside aid.


Signs of Development Issues

There are certain signs that indicate the need for professional help. If your child experiences sudden and severe changes in behavior or mood, this can be a first sign. Other things to look for include, but are not limited to:


·      Violent acting out, excessive anger, aggression, bedwetting, mood swings  or other sudden and severe changes in behavior

·      Delayed development in the areas of toilet training, speech, or severe attention issues

·      Significant changes in grades when children who normally do well in school suddenly have issues

·      Isolation or withdrawal from social situations

·      Bullying or difficulty coping with bullies

·      Sleep problems—frequent oversleeping or insomnia

·      Increased physical discomfort such as headaches or stomach aches despite being cleared by a doctor


Developmental Milestones

Even very young children who have not yet begun school may need to see a professional if they miss or have difficulty with important and normal milestones. This includes things like potty training, language development including talking or reading, walking, or difficulty separating abstract from literal concepts.



Keep an open line of communication with the other important figures in your child’s life. Teachers can be an important resource in spotting unusual behaviors in children; so are caregivers and your pediatrician. They may be able to spot physical symptoms you may not immediately notice.


You are not failing as a parent by turning to these resources. Teachers and doctors see many children every day. These professionals have benchmarks for spotting abnormal behavior to which you do not have access. With regular communication, you can spot signs of problems with your child even sooner. This will lead to better and proper treatment.


The Right Therapist

When you have decided to seek help for your child, finding the right therapist is important. You want to find a nearby child psychologist who can specialize in the problems your child is experiencing. Edmonton has expert psychologists who offer comprehensive services for children with many developmental, learning disability and behavioral problems.


If you think your child may benefit from professional mental health care services, give us a call. We are here to help!


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