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ABC Psychological Services accepts referrals from private clients, schools, and other agencies requiring psychological or psycho-educational assessments. While this is currently a home-based practice, office space is available for private referrals in north-west area of Edmonton. 

Credentials - Psychologist Edmonton

Colleen Stratton earned a Masters degree in Education (M.Ed.) from the University of Alberta in 2000. She completed the Counselling Psychology program in the Department of Educational Psychology. During this program, she completed courses and practicums in therapy and assessment under the supervision of Registered Psychologists in the community. Colleen continues to develop her understanding of the development and assessment of individuals through workshops and courses. Colleen has worked as a supervisor for several students in the Master's and PhD. programs for practicums as well as Registered Provisional Psychologists working toward their full designation as a psychologist in Alberta.

Professional Associations

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