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ADHD Edmonton Psychologist

Identifying ADHD is a step by step process that also requires a tremendous amount of sensitivity and specialized knowledge. The process begins by having the patient complete a Cognitive Test or an IQ Test and possibly a standardized Academic Test to help me better understand how the child or individual learns and processes information. Afterwards, I ask the parent, child, and teacher (when possible) to complete Behavioral Checklists to identify potential levels of symptoms compared to “average” children of the same age group. I then complete an in-depth interview to understand the history of the child and family as well as current circumstances. Upon conclusion of the assessment meeting I write a detailed report to explain the results, form conclusions, and provide detailed, practical strategies.

Finding an ADHD Edmonton Psychologist is the first step in the right direction in formulating ADHD intervention for the child/adolescent in your care.

Contact my ADHD Edmonton Psychologist office today to set an appointment for your child. 

Autism Services Edmonton

To identify and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder, a multi-disciplinary approach is often recommended. This includes a doctor as part of the process to rule out other medical difficulties and to assist with referring patients to an appropriate clinic. Before a Neurodevelopmental Clinic will see a patient, they often require a Psycho-Educational Assessment to be completed first. At ABC Psychological Services, I perform the required preliminary assessments and if the evaluation indicates concerns for an Autism Spectrum Disorder, I will recommend a referral to a neurodevelopmental assessment clinic. The Psycho-Educational Assessment entails an IQ Test (cognitive assessment) and possibly an Academic Test. In addition, parents complete Behavioral Questionnaires that include rating the Adaptive Functioning of their child. Adaptive Functioning refers to day to day living skills, social skills, and communication skills. Upon completion of the entire assessment I will analyze the results and make recommendations accordingly, regardless of diagnoses.

Your child’s best interests are my priority. Proper identification of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, in its many forms, including what was formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome, is the first step in ensuring that your child is placed on a forward moving path to living a happy, productive, and fulfilling life. ABC Psychological Services provides the preliminary assessments often required to access autism services and diagnosis. Please call for more information and to ask questions.

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