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Learning Disabilities Edmonton

ABC Psychological Services' Colleen Stratton is the Psychologist Edmonton individuals and families turn to when they are concerned about latent learning disabilities within loved ones or themselves. Not only does Colleen help in the identification process she offers referrals for counselling and other supports.

Adolescent & Child - Learning Disabilities Edmonton

Colleen Stratton has worked with school boards throughout Central and Northern Alberta by providing the schools with cognitive, academic, and emotional/behavioral assessments that serve to help educators and parents identify learning disabilities in youth. Even though Colleen is heralded in her field for her work with educational institutions she also provides private assessments for children and their families and in safe, comfortable environment. Colleen can help identify learning disabilities that affect reading, writing, and math skills, including Specific Learning Disorders with impairment in Reading, Mathematics, and Written Expression. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia are possible descriptors for reading, math, or writing disabilities that can be identified through an assessment.

Adult - Learning Disabilities Edmonton

Colleen Stratton also works with adults in identifying learning disabilities. This specialization of ABC Psychological Services allows adults afflicted with a learning disability to access accommodations and supports for courses and exams. Adults often have a tough time coming to terms with a potential learning disorder but Colleen not only provides the assessment in a secure environment she shows individuals that they indeed can live a very fulfilling life with the help of her strategies, recommendations, and/or referrals.

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